September 25, 2023  
Speaking Engagements & Interviews

Dr. Wigand is available for speaking engagements, interviews, and presentations at your institution, business or event.

Please fill out our online request form to request an appearance or interview with Dr. Wigand.

Below is an outline of Dr. Wigand's presentation topics.
  1. Moral and Ethical Decision Making
  2. Smoking and Health Issues (PPT)
    1. Economic Issues
    2. Gender Issues
    3. Nicotine's role in pathology/addiction
    4. Low Tar Lie
  3. Youth Addiction Process (PPT)
  4. Health Consequences of Secondhand Smoke (PPT)
    1. Cardiovascular harm
    2. Fetal Harm
    3. Why smoke free environments?
    4. Status of smoke free environments
    5. Risk issues associated with exposure to secondhand smoke
  5. Cigarette Design (PPT)
    1. Free Nicotine
    2. Additives for Addiction
    3. Reduced Ignition Propensity of Cigarettes: Fire Safe Cigarette
    4. Tar and Nicotine Issues
  6. Inside the Tobacco Industry
  7. Ethics of Smoking
  8. Workshops can be conducted on any level to either meet the criteria for continuing education credits, school's needs or enhance participant's knowledge of tobacco issues; therefore the following documents are available:
    1. Dr. Wigand's CV
    2. Continuing education learning objectives
    3. "Disclosure of Commercial Support" statement
    4. Lesson Plan(s)
    5. Classroom learning objectives
    6. Pre and post assessments
  9. Select References and Bibliography provided upon request prior to/after event.
  10. Litigation issues
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